Sandstorm at the Downtown

Sandstorm or Dust storm can be seen most often here in Dubai, UAE. The Landscape changes in a matter of seconds. Even a small blow of wind can cause a dramatic change in the environment. You know why.

Dust storm at Downtown
Dust storm at Downtown

Sometimes the visibility becomes so poor that you can’t even see the cars in front of you! I do like it though, guess why! It gives some kind of depth of field in the distant Skyline. I just love it all, of course, not including those considerable amount of dust that goes into my lungs. In Dubai, you will get it throughout the year though.

Burj Khalifa
Burj Khalifa through the Dust

It’s definitely not good for health if you are outside, but it is a beautiful thing to see in any City which is build on desert. I loved it. Really did.

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