Another fine evening

Some evenings are better than other in so many ways. It looks like one of those evenings. Usually we enjoy great summer evenings here in our village. All you need is time.

You can spend hours sitting on a bench looking at that perfect sky and sunset.

Our Beautiful Suburbs

Autumn is the season. That’s what we call it at this time of year. It rains. But that’s not like monsoon rains. It’s kind of odd natural behaviour. Like, heavy sun heat for 15 minutes, then 5 minutes of heavy rain, then hot sun again. Really odd.

So one of these days, I was coming back home after a long day. And those beautiful clouds and sun and rain combination got me.

And now just couple of months, and there will be winter. Can’t wait for that chill wind.

A perfect day with family

The weather cannot be more perfect as it is right now here at Kolkata. A steady sunlight and a cool breeze. A perfect day to spend outside with family. Eco Tourism Park is located at the Rajarhat, Kolkata. Rajarhat, being a new city, an extension of Kolkata, managed to maintain it’s clean and tidy status. The park is also no exception. It was Friday, a working day, and yet it was packed up with people. I can’t imagine what happens there in the weekends or holidays! Anyway here are a few snapshots from inside the park. I hope you like them.

Eco Tourism Park
Huge space to accommodate so many people
The Taj Mahal
The Taj Mahal replica
Christ the redeemer
Christ The Redeemer and The Easter Island Statues replica
The Great Wall of China
The Great Wall of China replica
The Colosseum
The Colosseum replica
Children's playing area
Children’s playing area
The Mask Garden
The Mask Garden
Walking around the Park
A spectacular evening
A spectacular evening

Digha revisited

Had a chance to revisit Digha last week. I really do like that place. Nearest beach to our home. My last visit was on August 2013. If you follow my last visit you will get some details on the place.

I usually take bus from my place to Digha as we have direct bus connection and it takes around 5 hours. This time we did it differently, took a train. Howrah-Digha Superfast AC Express is a nice train to travel with. The AC Chair car has a huge legroom and descently comfortable seats. Foods are not so good, not so bad either (when compared to the IRCTC restaurant services). It is around 3 hours on the train.

Last time I visited this place was nowhere near like this. Everything changed. New Parks created and lots of benches installed so you can spend lots of time enjoying the sea view. Cows are unavoidable though!

This is the center of the Biswa Bangla (বিশ্ব বাংলা) Park. The globe with big B inside looks good!

The cranes welcomes you to the Park. They illuminates after evening.

You can buy some good looking handicrafts items from Old Digha markets attached to the beach.

A breathtaking view from the hotel. You cannot simply get down and start swimming at this place. There’s separate public beach built for that.

And this is that public beach. Here you can enjoy a nice seabath.

Enjoy your stay.

Hangout at Cafe Coffee Day

How can you enjoy a weekend to the full? Hangout with friends, at-least a few hours. Those few hours will make all the differences. It is difficult if your best buddies are not always around. Example me. But when we are together it is like a different world.

We had a nice get together at Cafe Coffee Day last year. Chatting about a lot of things over Cappuccinos. Good memories.

Cappuccino Art


Riverside at Dakshineswar, Kolkata

Winter is a perfect season to travel in the daytime. No sweat. No hot head. It was a nice visit to Dakshineswar, Kolkata Riverside.

Nice place to spend some good time with friends and family.

Abu Dhabi Airport and Etihad

It was time for my departure from Dubai. Last year around May. But this time, I decided to come via Abu Dhabi Airport as I never visited before. It was a few months ago Etihad started daily flight to Kolkata.

It was so smooth and easy! Check-in process was done in Dubai itself. Then Etihad took us to Abu Dhabi Airport on Bus.

The terminal design was nice. It was not a big terminal but very well maintained and another example of UAE greatest architectures.

Abu Dhabi Duty Free
Abu Dhabi Duty Free

Then I boarded into the Etihad Airbus A320. It was smaller than the Emirates Airbus A330 we usually use to board to Kolkata. But surprisingly, the cabin space was impressive! Seats were more comfortable and leg-space felt a bit more.

Etihad A320 Interior
Etihad A320 Interior
Cabin seats

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

One of the most beautiful structure you will see here at the UAE. The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is located at Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE. It was built upon the final resting place of the great Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the former ruler of Abu Dhabi and the first president of the UAE.

Mosque entrance
Beautiful Grand mosque entrance with pools and fountains.

Just after the entrance, there is a huge space where about 40,000 worshipers can pray. I could hardly blink, It was no neat and so clean.

Praying area
Praying area

If you think it was beautiful, stop. Not just yet. Step further into the mosque. The interior will make you amazed. It was nothing like I have seen so far.

Inside the mosque
Inside the mosque
Inside the mosque
Inside the mosque

Its been almost a year, I can still remember the detail of the place. The effect was so strong. It is still so alive in my brain.

If you ever visit the UAE, you must see this place.

Evening at Media City

Many of my evening I saw here at Dubai were in the Media City. One of a many free-zones in Dubai and a very important hub for Media and other IT companies. The new Dubai Tram services are also available at the Media City, so it is very well connected these days.

Evening at Media City
Evening at Media City

The nearest tram station from my location was Palm Jumeirah. That is where this photo was taken, while the sun was setting behind those high rises. It was a stunningly awesome view in naked eye!

Sandstorm at the Downtown

Sandstorm or Dust storm can be seen most often here in Dubai, UAE. The Landscape changes in a matter of seconds. Even a small blow of wind can cause a dramatic change in the environment. You know why.

Dust storm at Downtown
Dust storm at Downtown

Sometimes the visibility becomes so poor that you can’t even see the cars in front of you! I do like it though, guess why! It gives some kind of depth of field in the distant Skyline. I just love it all, of course, not including those considerable amount of dust that goes into my lungs. In Dubai, you will get it throughout the year though.

Burj Khalifa
Burj Khalifa through the Dust

It’s definitely not good for health if you are outside, but it is a beautiful thing to see in any City which is build on desert. I loved it. Really did.