Hangout at Cafe Coffee Day

How can you enjoy a weekend to the full? Hangout with friends, at-least a few hours. Those few hours will make all the differences. It is difficult if your best buddies are not always around. Example me. But when we are together it is like a different world.

We had a nice get together at Cafe Coffee Day last year. Chatting about a lot of things over Cappuccinos. Good memories.

Cappuccino Art


I am not lost!

Hey friends! Just to remind you, I am still around! Just having some busy days with work and family.

What could be more beautiful than flowers on this happy occasion of welcoming myself in this wonderful place!


Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

Sunbirds on a beautiful sunny day

Sunbirds are not very common here you see. At least I don’t see them often around my home. But it happened all of a sudden. I can clearly remember that day.

Some kids around our home found a nest somewhere down the road. In that nest there was a couple of cute baby birds. No feathers (as usual), eyelids closed and chirping like mad. The kids thought it will be a fun keeping them in a cage and raising them, which they can never do properly. But we knew that what the birds need is their parents.

Sunbird looking for her kids

We decided to keep them on a small tree and keep a lookout to make sure they are safe. It worked! In a couple of hours their parents came looking for them. I couldn’t believe my eyes what I was seeing. They can’t move their kids so they used the new location for their home. I was feeling so happy that they liked their new home. The kids were so happy.

While they are happy, I am happy.

My rooftop friends

Meet my friends here. They stay with me, fly around me and always makes me feel dreamy. I want to fly with them as well.

They are so beautiful.

Street side beauty

We ignore them on the way everyday. We are so busy finding beauty everywhere else. But see them just the once, they are beautiful without anyone to care for them.